Tuesday 12pm, 31 October 2017

Tony chu

Design in a World Where Machines are Learning

Tony Chu

Principle Designer -


We have cars that drive themselves, phones that understand speech, and algorithms that identifies objects in photos. Machine learning is the technology behind these all of these intelligent-seeming products. As more varieties of data become available, the applications of machine learning will continue to proliferate. To design new products that take advantage of machine learning, designers must understand the basic principles behind this technology. In this talk, we will learn about how statistics and data science form the foundation of machine learning. We will see how every machine learning product is both enabled and constrained by the data it has access to. Finally, we will explore some of new experience that are just becoming possible as machine learning tools are maturing.


Tony is a Principal Designer at, where he strives to make machine learning and data accessible to people. That means designing interfaces and visualizations that help people see patterns in data, prototyping novel data visualizations, and understand helping data scientists see the intricacies in their machine learning models.