Tuesday 12pm, 12 December 2017

David rosen

The Future of Mixed Reality

David Rosen

Research Scientist - Oculus Research


Mixed reality describes a class of technologies that aim to seamlessly blend the physical and virtual worlds. When combined with artificial intelligence and deployed in all-day wearable form factors, mixed reality promises to provide an experience of the everyday real world free from the usual limitations of physical law and human cognition, effectively endowing users with superhuman powers. In this talk, I will lay out one such vision for the future of mixed reality, focusing on three possible use cases (social teleportation, the virtualization of everything, and contextualized AI assistance), overview the technical challenges that must be addressed to attain it, and showcase some of the machine perception technologies being developed at Oculus Research to make this vision a reality.


David M. Rosen is a Research Scientist in the Surreal Vision group at Oculus Research. His research explores the mathematical foundations of machine perception, including optimization, statistical estimation, and machine learning, with a particular focus on the application of these techniques as an aid to robust long-duration autonomy.