Tuesday 12pm, 20 February 2018


Turning your research into a startup

Ted Benson

Founder and CEO -


Grad school is a startup-like environment in many ways—self direction, rapid iteration, a competitive market of ideas... But that doesn’t mean one leads effortlessly into the other. If you want to turn your research into a startup, you need to pay careful attention to how they’re different and what that means for you and your work.

This talk provides lessons from experience growing two startups—Cloudstitch and Instabase—from research projects at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory into venture-backed companies in Silicon Valley. I’ll detail how our products and mindsets had to change as we adapted from the laboratory to the marketplace. What we got right and wrong, and what we wished we knew when getting started.


Edward Benson is an entrepreneur in San Francisco. He has a PhD from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence lab, where his research sat at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction, Systems, and Machine Learning. His company, Cloudstitch, was recently acquired after launching out of Y Combinator.