Tuesday 12pm, 3 April 2018


Designing Your Life

Rachel Dzombak

Postdoctoral Fellow, Haas School of Business, Blum Center for Developing Economies - UC Berkeley


What do I want to do after leaving Berkeley? What composes a purpose-filled life? These are some of the questions that students face while pursuing their degrees at Berkeley. Inspired by Stanford's ‘Designing Your Life’ curriculum, Rachel Dzombak and Sara Beckman offered a seven-week seminar for graduate students to teach the tools and principles for designing a fulfilling life. The goal of 'Designing Your Life' is to apply the tools of design thinking to develop a deeper sense of individual values, debunk career myths, and prototype alternative personal and professional paths. In this talk, Rachel will share outcomes and learnings from the class offered in Spring 2018. She will also provide BiD students with an introduction to some of the methods and tools used in the class to help them begin the process of applying a design lens to their own lives.


Dr. Rachel Dzombak is an Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Haas School of Business, where she works with Dr. Sara Beckman to research and develop tools around teaming education as well as to build curricula for design and systems thinking. Rachel and Dr. Beckman recently launched a website called Teaming By Design, a platform intended to help students learn to leverage diversity and collaborate more effectively in teams. Rachel holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. Her dissertation work in conjunction with the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability focused on the roles of product design, remanufacturing, and reverse logistics in enabling sustainable supply chain decisions.