Tuesday 12pm, 20 March 2018


Design, Dynamics, and Control of Micro Underwater Vehicle Systems for Autonomous Exploration

Eugen Solowjow

Research Scientist - Siemens Corporation


Recent technological advances in perception, embedded computing, and controls have given rise to Micro Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (uAUV). Micro AUVs are increasingly becoming interesting for operations in industrial settings. Equipped with appropriate sensors, they allow for autonomous exploration, mapping, and monitoring of confined environments. Possible applications are (1) monitoring of storage ponds at nuclear power plants, (2) information gathering in process tanks that are used in chemical engineering as well as in electricity generation and water production, (3) applications in port basins. The technology and commercialization of uAUV platforms did not yet advance to a point, where vehicles would be readily available for purchase. Fundamental research on uAUV systems for industrial applications started only recently. This includes mechatronic design.

This talk addresses challenges associated with the exploration and monitoring of confined industrial environments with uAUVs. It covers the current main research directions including systems design, self-localization, and tractable machine learning approaches for autonomous behavior.


Dr. Eugen Solowjow is a Research Scientist specialized in machine intelligence and autonomy at Siemens Corporate Technology in Berkeley, CA. He has received his PhD from Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Germany in 2017. From 2012 to 2017 he was employed as a Research Associate at TUHH and as a visiting researcher at U.C. Berkeley. Dr. Solowjow was the technical lead in multiple government funded projects at TUHH in the field of robotics. He co-authored 20+ peer-reviewed publications (IROS, ICRA, RA-L, AuRo etc.) and has received multiple scholarships, fellowships, and academic awards.