Tuesday 12pm, 1 May 2018


Applying the User-Centered Design Process to Hardware Development in Consumer Health

Sara Cinnamon

Associate Director, Health + Medical - LUNAR Design


How do you apply user-centered design thinking process to hardware development?

I will share my experience designing and commercializing a smart pillbox that enabled behavior change. I'll cover how I applied the design process not only to the app, but to the hardware development, manufacturing, marketing, and business development. The core tenets of deep inquiry, fearless generativity, iterative prototyping and testing, and building a story work across all facets of a business and using an intersectional approach [often] creates a better product.


Sara Cinnamon is an Associate Director, Health + Medical at LUNAR Design. LUNAR is a San Francisco product design firm with a rich 30+ year history of groundbreaking design. They joined the McKinsey & Company family in 2015, adding a depth of business strategy to their innovative spirit. Sara leverages her mechanical engineering and entrepreneurial experience to deliver ingenuity that delights across a range of industries.