Tuesday 12pm, 6 November 2018


Designing In-Headset Authoring Tools for Virtual Reality Video

Cuong Nguyen

Research Scientist - Adobe, Creative Intelligence Lab


Virtual Reality (VR) video is emerging as a new art form. Viewing VR video requires wearing the VR headset to fully experience the immersive surrounding of the content. However, the novel viewing experience of VR video creates new challenges for conventional video authoring tools, which were designed mainly for working with normal 2D video on a desktop display. Designing effective authoring tools for VR video requires intuitive video interfaces specific to VR. This talk will describe my ongoing research in VR video interfaces. I will introduce a series of video authoring tools and interaction techniques in VR, including: 1) Vremiere, a video editing application that enables editors to edit VR video entirely in VR 2) CollaVR, a networked system that lets multiple users to collaborate and review video in VR, and 3) interface adjustment techniques to reduce perceptual discomfort that arises when interacting with UIs in a stereoscopic VR video environment.


Cuong Nguyen is a research scientist at Adobe Research in the Beautiful Interactions Group. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Portland State University, advised by Prof. Feng Liu. Cuong's research passions span the areas of HCI and Virtual Reality. His research explores novel visualization and interaction techniques for video and its applications. Visit for more details.