Tuesday 12pm, 12 February 2019

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Design roadmapping and Future visioning

Lianne Simonse

Assistant Professor - TU Delft


Design Roadmapping is to guide journeys into future, with the land marks of products and services that are envisioned together with a team of strategists, designers and innovators. A journey that can start with uncovering new trends, scouting for new technologies, and mapping the values on the roadmap. Along the way, you can map a future vision, frame the time pacing and create the pathways towards it.

In this talk Lianne Simonse will share some of the essentials of the design roadmapping book that stem directly from her working life as an industrial consultant, roadmapper, researcher and teacher in a design school. Besides the highlights and explorations on the decision support that a roadmap can offers, she will delve into the creative challenges of future visioning that is part of roadmapping.


Lianne Simonse is passionate about strategic design and creative foresight. She teaches Design Roadmapping at the Industrial Design Engineering Faculty of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and has executed and led several roadmapping projects for different corporate organizations and start-up ventures. She holds a MSc. and PhD. in innovation management and has combined her academic positions with 20 years of professional experience in industry. Dr. Simonse conducts a scientific research track on Design Roadmapping. Her scientific work is published in journals such as Design Issues, Journal of Product Innovation Management and International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning drawn from the research and papers, including an award winning, at conferences of the Design Society, the Product Development and Management Association, Academy of Management and European Group of Organizational Studies.