Tuesday 12pm, 25 February 2020

Collaboration 'in' and 'using' Mixed Reality

Bala Thoravi Kumaravel

Graduate Student - UC Berkeley


I would be talking about some of my research that focuses on the collaborative aspects of Mixed Reality. I will be briefly introducing our research group's focus in tackling problems present in AR/VR-based guidance and collaboration. The projects I will be discussing span across two specific dimensions in this design space - Time and Target task. Specifically, I would be talking about three projects, that we did in the last couple of years, which includes a video-based tutorial system for design applications in VR, system for facilitating communication Between Co-located External and VR Users and finally, a system that facilitates remote instruction of physical tasks using bi-directional mixed-reality telepresence.


I am a 4th year PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley. I am advised by professor Björn Hartmann. I completed my Bachelors at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. My research interests are primarily in the domain of Virtual/Augmented reality. With AR/VR set to enter and modify out homes, cities, workspaces and daily lives in unimaginable ways, my research hopes to address the new challenges and problems that would arise in these scenarios. My research explores the applications and usages of AR/VR for a diverse set of activities, such as interacting with robots, creating art forms, 3D designing workflows, Augmented Reality tele-operative support for maintenance and Enhancing learning using AR/VR. I recently won a research grant sponsored by HTC Corporation and the Faith Hope & Love Foundation through the FHL Vive Center for Enhanced Reality.