Tuesday 12pm, 15 December 2015


Welcome Robot Overlords?

Wendy Ju

Executive Director, Interaction Design Research - Stanford University


Robot world domination has been a reliable trope in stories and movies for generations, but our generation might be the first to really contend with the reality of such a concept. From our homes, to our roads to the workplace, robotic technologies are fast becoming part of our everyday lives.

In this talk, I will discuss how the issues around robots are actually pertinent to a wide variety of interactive technologies which designers and engineers are creating today. I will focus in particular on the role of power and status in human-robot interactions. Drawing examples from my own research and that of others, I illustrate how the dynamics of structure, class and power affect people’s expectations for machines, and present design guidelines that emerge from research findings.


Wendy Ju is Executive Director of Interaction Design Research at Stanford University's Center for Design Research. She is also Associate Professor in the Graduate Design Program at California College of the Arts. Wendy's research investigates novel human-machine interaction, particularly human-robot interaction and autonomous car interfaces. Since receiving her PhD from Stanford in 2008, Wendy has been innovating curriculum at the intersection of technology, design and the arts. At CDR, Wendy aims to increase awareness and appreciation for the role of Design Research and to make the Bay Area the epicenter for design intellectualism and discourse.