Tuesday 12pm, 5 April 2016


Handheld Robots and Shaper Tools, Inc.

Alec Rivers

Co-founder - Shaper Tools, Inc.


I will present a couple of research papers in the area of handheld robotics, specifically with applications to digital fabrication. Each presents a novel digital tool that enhances the perception and mechanical abilities of a human operator with the precision of computer vision and machine actuation. I will also describe taking one of those ideas out of the lab and co-founding a startup, now four years old, that aims to bring the technology to market.


Alec Rivers is a co-founder at Shaper Tools, Inc. He completed a PhD at MIT in 2012 on the augmented digital fabrication technology that underpins Shaper's first product. Other research interests include soft-body physics simulation, non-photorealistic rendering, and sketch-based interfaces for 3D modeling