Tuesday 12pm, 22 November 2016


Design for Innovation

Mirjana Spasojevic

Head of Immersive Experiences Lab - Hewlett Packard


Invention defines HP, and the 50-year history of HP Labs exemplifies the kinds of research projects that result in market-changing innovation. The light-emitting diode (LED), the handheld scientific calculator, and inkjet printer technology are among the results of HP Labs research and development efforts. But as a company that prides itself on invention, HP must also demonstrate innovative user experiences.

The newly formed Immersive Experiences lab bridges social and technical investigations. The Lab’s mission is to understand people and their practices in order to craft the best experiences with future technologies. The lab is a home to designers, researchers, prototypers, and free thinkers who push the boundaries of what HP can do next. Lab members look several years ahead and design the interactions and experiences that people will actually want to have with new technologies. Megatrends and weak signals of what lies ahead from a technology perspective inform research perspectives.

This talk will give an overview of the labs research portfolio, including examples of recent projects in creating 3D printable interactive objects, connecting people at a distance using Sprout workstations, as well as exploring VR content creation tools. Some of the new areas of exploration also cover wearables, smart fabrics and authentic experiences.


Mirjana Spasojevic is the Head of the recently created Immersive Experiences Lab at HP Labs in Palo Alto. Previously, Mirjana co-founded educational startup Kindoma, served as Director of Exploratory Research at the Nokia Research Center, Silicon Valley and led research activities and technical teams at Harman, HP, Yahoo and Transarc. She has over 20 years of experience in mobile, web, file and distributed systems and is passionate about integrating technology and design to create innovative products.

At Nokia Mirjana founded IDEA (Innovate Design Experience Animate), a multidisciplinary team which covered all phases of the development cycle, from user research to the design, hardware-software prototyping, pilot deployments and delivery of final products. This team created family communication and connected reading products in collaboration with Sesame Workshop and Pearson Foundation.

Mirjana is a recognized expert in HCI and Ubicomp fields. She has a PhD in Computer Science from Penn State University and has served as the General Chair of the HotMobile 2008 conference and the program co-chair of the Pervasive 2010 conference.